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Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce with the aim of setting up economic and trade relationship between the two countries private sector, as an official entity, has been formed in order to facilitate trade transactions, upgrading the economic exchange volume, joint investment in both countries, facilitating access to the third markets and re-export through the Oman and reciprocal introducing the economic potentials and competitive advantages of Iran.
Therefore, in order to achieve the above goals and defined mission, Iran-Oman trade Council formed in 2005, and due to the importance of Oman, in accordance with the law and decree of the Islamic Republic of Iran Parliament and with the approval of the Supreme Council of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture (ICCIMA), In 2014, Iran-Oman trade Council was promoted to the Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce (IROMCC). IROMCC, as an independent legal entity, in accordance with the ICCIMA, is the strategies regulator for developing commercial relations between the two countries' and increasing the volume of mutual investments.
Iran-Oman Chamber of Commerce, with more than 300 active and accredited members, and the elected board of directors, is a registered, legal and independent body governed by the law, in a way that all economic relations between the private sector of Iran and Oman, are managed by this Chamber
The total volume of direct business relationship at the time of the founding of IROMCC in 2014 was only $ 221 million, while this number reached to $ bn 1.161 in 2018 and $ 872 million in 2020, in which engineering services, health and tourist services, export of Iranian goods through Other countries to Oman and the Iranian investment have not been accounted in this statistics
In 2014, the infrastructures needed for traders was so pour, in a way that, having Oman visa and company registration were too difficult, there was no banking relations between the two countries and also no direct airline and shipping line, but today, with the proud, we do announce that with very good follow-up by senior officials and ambassadors of the two countries, OCCI and the IROMCC, visas are being easily issued at the airports in both countries, company registration has been facilitated. Direct Airlines between Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Qeshm , Kish and Chabahar with Muscat and Direct shipping Lines between the Iranian ports and the Swaq, Shinas and Sohar ports are established.
Iranian businessmen and investors are keen to presence in Oman market and in accompaniment of Omani traders, manage re-exporting high-quality Iranian goods, including foodstuffs, while investing in the Oman Free Zone, through the Oman to the third markets. Besides, they have the readiness for joint investment in both countries, as well as transferring technical knowledge in the field of fisheries to Omani parties. It is worth mentioning, Iranian are looking for a win-win economic relationship with Oman.
On the other hand, Iran by having specialized and low- cost manpower with high level of knowledge and experience, rich mineral and oil resources and cheap energy, animal and agricultural products with the high quality, great support of foreign investment and excellent political relationship with Sultanate of Oman in the recent 40 years, is a good place for Omani investors.
It is now possible to have access to banking facilities through the National Development Fund of Iran (NDFI) resources at a reasonable rate for Omani investors to invest in Iran. The problem of providing guarantees to the two countries 'banks has been resolved by signing a MOU between the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (EGFI) and Credit Oman to obtain banking facilities from the two countries' banks.
With respect to the Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Act (FIPA) acted by the Iran Parliment, Omani investors can obtain their investment license in the Free Zones and Mainland with 100% of shareholders Register Oman and enjoy the excellent support of the Iranian government.
The private sector is always looking for developing real economic activity. In this regards, IROMCC, without any slogans, emotions, misrepresentation or creating an unrealistic atmosphere, announce its readiness to support Omani economic activists and investors and of course, to work closely with the Oman Chamber of Commerce.

H.E. Eng. Mohsen Zarrabi



Dr. Shahla Amouri

Vice President


Mr.Mohammad Amin Sabbaghi Zadeh

Vice President


Mr. Ali Mohammad Sadeghian

Board Member


Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Alave

Board Member & the Treasurer


Mr. Ahmad Azadmard

Board Member


Mr. Ahmad Shirzadian

Board Member


Eng. Hamid Reza Salehi

Board Member


Dr. Arezoo Jamali

Secretary General


Mr. Hamid Loveimi

Board Member

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