Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate Insulation



cold insulations are typically produced as foam and used as rigid thermal insulation panel and Iso pipe- most often with aluminum foil facing.

There are multiple advantages for using polyurethanes in buildings:


last longer and require less maintenance because of the stability of polyurethanes.

Rigid insulation panels made from polyurethanes are light but strong, moisture-resistant and easy to install.

One of the most important usages of cold
insulation is for industrial structures and piping in power plants, refineries and petroleum in order to prevent wasting energy.

Insulation panels and other types of foam insulation can preserve their energy-efficient
properties for as long as the building exists.

Compared to other forms of insulation, polyurethane foams are much more space-efficient,
allowing architects and designers to maximize use of internal spaces and rooms.

Rigid polyurethane spray foam is particularly adaptable and efficient for upgrading
older buildings in order to be new and energy saving.


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