Javaneh Royan of Kerman Co.

Javaneh Royan of Kerman Co. with more than half a century of experience in preparing samanu (An Iranian pudding-like dish made from sprouted wheat) in the traditional way was established in 2008 under the brand name “Javaneh Fard” and is currently a well-known and reputable brand in the healthy food industry. With the aim of producing samanu, this natural and very valuable food and maintaining its original taste along with quality, health and well-being, which we have achieved thanks to God and now with the production of more than 500 tons per year, we are the largest manufacturer of samanu. In addition to the domestic market, our products are exported to most parts of the world, such as the North America, Europe, and Arab states of the Persian Gulf countries. We have been able to bring this very nutritious and useful food to the table again, taking into account the tastes of all people, and to meet the demands of all those who are interested, so that they can enjoy samanu with a relaxed imagination and a feeling full of pleasure. Our products are all made from high quality raw materials and do not use any additives including dyes, flavors, sweeteners and chemical preservatives. Preparing samanu in copper pots, in addition to a very pleasant color and taste, also increases its properties. In addition to gaining the highest customer satisfaction for samanu product, this company has been able to play a leading role in production of the main Kerman’s Souvenir “Qavoot” (an Iranian prepared composed of mixture of different plant seeds, herbals and nuts) with healing and therapeutics properties, unique formulation and brown sugar. Our product portfolio is diverse and includes Samanu, Samanu with almond, all kinds of Qavoot, sprouted cereals flour, Date kernel flour and packaged brown sugar. Our mission is to produce high quality product, innovation and initiative in the production and presentation of nutritious, healthy and hygienic products, respect for consumers and customers with maximum satisfaction and using their opinions.


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