Zahra Rosewater Company

Founded in 1978,  Zahra Rosewater is recognized today as Iran’s foremost specialist in the field of rosewater production. With over 40 years of experience in a country with a long tradition of distillation technique, we offer varieties of health enhancing floral and herbal waters, essential oils and other natural products with unique and distinctive taste and fragrance which are exported worldwide

Our miraculous rosewater with wide medicinal and culinary values is distilled from the fresh Damascene roses grown in the world’s most beautiful rose valley of Lalehzar at an altitude of 2700 m in South East of Iran

Zahra Rosewater Co.  was Iran’s first company to obtain an organic certificate from  a well-known  European  certifying body in 1999.   Its  rose  products  currently  bear

 the organic seal of  Ecocert (France

The export oriented, fast growing business with special values is committed to quality and environmentally friendly growing and production methods. Its main shareholder 

is  a  charity which supports different several  social projects in the province Kerman,  including orphanages and homes for needy children and youngsters


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