legal benefits of the zone

Legal advantages of investing in the region

1- No need to obtain common permits from the different departments for economic, civil, construction, cultural, educational and service activities in the special zone of Sirjan. The body in charge of the special zone replaces all associated devices and directly issues the necessary permits.

 2- Authorization to register a public limited company to operate in a special zone with any amount of participation of foreign shareholders.

 3- Exemption of production and service activities from the scope of labor law and compliance with the laws and regulations of the country’s free zones in terms of labor employment and labor relations, insurance, and social security.

 4- Exemption of producers of goods and services from payment of all customary rights in the country, including consolidation rights.

 5- Exemption from payment of import duties on products manufactured in the region upon entry into the country in the amount of added value and the value of raw materials and domestic parts used in the manufactured product.

 6- The possibility of exporting goods with added value to the continent (within the country) after payment

Related entrance fees.

 7- The unimpeded transfer of all or part of the goods imported into the region to third parties in exchange for the presentation of a negotiable warehouse receipt issued by the Organization of Special Zones.

 8- Low storage costs for goods and raw materials.

 9- The long-term shutdown of all kinds of goods and raw materials entering the region without worrying about their abandonment.

 10- Possibility of transit and re-export for goods imported into the region with minimal administrative formalities.

 11- Issue of a separate warehouse receivable that can be exchanged by the regional organization.

 12- Issue of the certificate of origin for goods leaving the region by the regional organization.

 13- No need to present an export declaration and license for the return of raw materials and foreign parts that have been transported into the country for processing, conversion, completion, or repair after entering the region.

14- Existence of a work unit and employment services in the region.

“Regional benefits”

      1. Establishment of full-time regional customs.

    2. Existence of a transport terminal in the southeast of Iran and of a quay and a platform dedicated to the national railway and equipped with electronic scales.

      3. Airport with daily return flights to Tehran.

      4. Existence of comprehensive and complex international freight transport services and services.

      5. Existence of fast and inexpensive unloading and loading facilities.

      6. SGS customs and laboratory facilities and goods control and inspection

      7. Existence of rial and foreign exchange branches of different banks.

      8. Existence of international commodity insurance offices and product and capital guarantee support services.

      9. Existence of a two-story cold room (above zero-below zero) with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes of goods.

      10. Existence of more than 200,000 square meters of covered warehouse and 400,000 square meters of container warehouse for warehouses of more than 4 million tons of goods.

      11. Existence of a fire extinguishing system and fire extinguishing piping.

      12. Existence of an industrial and drinking water pipeline system from municipal water and the Tanguieh dam.

     13. Possibility of supplying electricity from the country’s national electricity grid with a capacity of 90 MW as well as from a distribution network of 20 KW in the region.

      14. Existence of the 2000 digital telephone exchange.

All these facilities provided the ground to deliver and get things done in the shortest possible time and with the least bureaucratic conditions, which we hope, given these infrastructure and facilities, including means of communication such as the telephone, Internet, railways, airports, and other services. It has been mentioned that it can create a suitable atmosphere for enthusiasts and investors in this part of our beloved country, Islamic Iran.


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