Terms and Conditions

Foreign investment which is accepted in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in accordance with the برخوردار law enjoys the facilities and protections contained in the law. The acceptance of such investments is subject to the general conditions of acceptance of foreign capital and is based on a written request from a foreign investor and compliance with the rules.

     Foreign investors are treated the same as domestic investors.

 The entry of foreign capital in cash and non-cash is done only on the basis of an investment license and no other license is required.

  The volume of foreign investment in each case is not subject to any restriction.

  Foreign capital is guaranteed against nationalization and expropriation, and the foreign investor is entitled to compensation in these cases.

  The transfer of principal, capital gains, and profits from the use of capital in the form of currency and, if applicable, in the form of property, is possible in the investment license, respectively.

   The freedom to export the goods produced by the investable economic enterprise is guaranteed and in the event of an export ban, the produced goods are sold in the domestic market and the result can be transferred abroad in the form of currency via the country’s official monetary network.
   It is possible to invest in all areas authorized for private sector activity. There is no limit on the percentage of participation in foreign investments
 A foreign investor who has already invested in Iran without legal cover can be covered by law for the principle of the investment made through the acceptance process. After issuing the investment license, the investor enjoys all the advantages of the law, including the possibility of transferring profits. These types of investments are generally considered existing investments and follow the general criteria for accepting foreign capital.
  Foreign investment in existing companies through the purchase of shares or capital increase or a combination thereof during the acceptance process enjoys the advantages of this law, provided that the investment creates added value. New added value can be obtained by increasing the capital of the company or by achieving goals such as improving management, developing exports or improving the level of technology in the existing company.


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