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Industrial estates’ company of Kerman province

Introduction of  kerman  province

As the most widespread province of country, Kerman province has located in eastern south of central plateau of Iran and one of those which in past has had special place in widespread material equipment and spiritual values in areas of production, industry and mine , culture and knowledge and art and the background industry and mine dated back  to thousands of years.

Agricultural crops such as pistachio, herb drugs, flowers and rose water, date and citrus, different industries like automobile making, electricity and electronic and productions such as copper products that are known as macro industries and has worldwide fame, craft industries  and artistic productions as hand made carpet, all mentioned above made Kerman province a striking and important city.

Kermani attempts in agriculture have caused this province to have the most nonpetroleum exports and have gained a high level in world markets.

Todays, production of more than 80 kinds of cultural products in this province suggests its specific ability in country and in the world.



Industrial estates’ company of Kerman province

In order to create coordination and optimal use of industrial estates, to provide more infrastructure facilities and essential services for applicants of industrial units and to prepare supportive conditions for industry development, Kerman Industrial Estates Company was established in 1369 AH and started its activities.

Currently, this company, with 44 industrial estates and zones, has been able to provide an effective step in presenting the services required by various industry sectors.


Field of Activity:

– Developing industrial parks and providing infrastructures, facilities (as water, electricity, gas, telephone, asphalt road) and services required by investors

-Encouraging, promoting and developing small and medium industries of estates






Settlement of industries in industrial estates has been pursued with the aim of providing infrastructures needed for ability manifestation of different industries.


The contribution of industrial estates and regions in industrial and economical development

– Attracting investments from private sector

– Encouraging, promoting and developing small and medium industries of the state

– Creating structural changes in production and employment particularly variations in production

– Transferring industries and providing industrial employment in rural regions.

– Improving production quality and promoting profitability

– Training human force and increasing profitability

– Tending to economy in underlying public investments (minimizing costs)

– Decreasing the costs of constant investments of industries’ owners with providing major infrastructures


The benefits of investing in industrial estates:

1-Exception to rule municipalities

2-Expedite the free licensing of construction and finish work in industrial estates and regions

3- Transfer of the affairs and management of industrial estates to service companies of industrialists.

4- Reducing investment costs due to use of common infrastructure services (water- electricity- telecommunication- gas and wastewater treatment)

5-Industrial zoning based on the location and design of industrial estates and regions according to engineering and technical principles and the latest construction methods of industrial estates.

6-Providing additional features such as green space ,public and welfare services ,consulting service offices …


Small industries development


Establishment and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the main priorities of economic development programs in many developed and newly developed countries.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are more flexible and more entrepreneurship and creativity. They also attract and employ a large part of the country’s population and train skilled labor. Therefore, to develop small industries, Iran Small Industries and Industries Park Organization (ISIPO) was established as a responsible and supportive institution of these industrial units. Contribution to the establishment and development of small industries, entrepreneurship development, technology development, making a suitable link between small and medium and large industries, developing of industrial networks and clusters, developing of information centers, market support and economic cooperation, and establishing and developing industrial estates and zones are the tasks of this organization.


The most important activities of small industries department

-Training of industrial units in industrial estates and regions (entrepreneurship, skills, management) with the aim of enabling industrial units

– Supporting industrial tours and exhibitions aimed at empowering and exchange of experiences among managers of industrial units with the top industrial units

– Sponsorship for postgraduate thesis with the aim of resolving the problems of small businesses and industrial estates and strengthening of the university-industry relations.

– Implementation of technical and credit assistance plan, modernization and reconstruction of industries in order to finance small industries and increase productivity

– Providing the collateral deficit required for banking facilities of small industry through the Small Industries Investment Guarantee Fund

-Business development of industrial clusters

-Helping to small businesses market development

-Establishment and development of technology centers and parks

-Regional tech-mart

-Skills training centers in order to improve the skill level of employees of industrial units.





Address: Kerman Industrial Estates Co,  Ashura  Square,  Paradis  Blv, Kerman

Postal code: 7614656394

Tel Number:983431272000-4

Fax: 9834(32736610)




Introducing Kerman’s business cluster of industrial machinery and parts

Business clusters are examples of successful models of organizing small and medium sized enterprises. Industrial clusters are business units centered in a geographic area that provide services and make mutual merchandises, face mutual challenges and opportunities by co-operating and each other’s activities.

Kerman’s cluster of industrial machinery and parts is running with the support of the Kerman industrial estates co. and currently is composed of 56 fraternity and industrial units working on designing and producing industrial, mining, agricultural, road construction, and power plant machines, as well as reverse engineering, manufacturing all kinds of industrial parts, and providing technical services.

Kerman’s cluster of industrial machinery and parts is capable of manufacturing all kinds of industrial machinery and parts as well as providing relevant technical services for industrial units and owners of industries and businesses.

The address of the cluster of industrial machinery and parts:

  • Branch no.1: Number 103, business services center, industrial town 2, Kerman, Iran
  • Branch no.2: Number 19, 6th floor, “Borj-e-aval” administrative and industrial complex, Jomhuri Blv., Kerman, Iran

Contact us:





Kerman Techmart:


Techmart means technology market, i.e. a place for technology exchange, just as other markets that are places for exchange such as housing market and real estate which deal with housing. Techmart also plays the role of a dealer for transferring information of a technology to clients, entrepreneurs and investors. They also offer consultation in the technology transfer process. Because of the intricate features of technology transfer, a mechanism is required for information dissemination and consultation as well as paving grounds for standardization of exchange which are undertaken by Techmart. In fact, it plays the role of an intermediate at various levels besides the suppliers (universities, research institutes, R&D and industrial sectors) and clients for technology (large industries, small and medium enterprises, investors and even academia). With this definition it is said that Techmart is a professional agency for technology exchange. In this market the technologists can find an opportunity to display their ideas and technology and find market for their products. Moreover, the technology clients can also find an environment to fulfill their demands.

The Missions of Iran National Technomart:

The missions of Iran National Technomart are mainly divided into two categories including the network and infrastructures development and the commercial and technology operations.

  1. Network and Infrastructures Development
  2. Establishment and Development of Technology Supply & Demand Portal and Database

Knowledge-based products supply & demand database; supplying technologies; technological requirements; investment plans etc. are considered as the major headlines of Iran National Technomart’s portal. The information of more than 4100 knowledge-based companies and 13500 technologies and products have been uploaded to Iran National Technomart’s portal so far.

  1. Establishment and Development of the Technomart in a Regional and Specialized Manner

Some 20 regional technomarkets have been commissioned so far with due attention to the industrial estates companies of different cities, science and technology parks, the education centers for education, culture and research as well as one single technomarket specialized in the gas industry. In the vision of this program, the followings have been placed in the A priority: putting into work the Technomart project in all the cities nationwide as well as the specialized technomarkets in the ‘A’ priority areas of Iran’s Comprehensive Scientific Plan.

Such regional and specialized technomarkets are expected to take the role of the representatives of Iran National Technomart in their own geographic zones and fields of expertise.

  1. Education, Empowerment and Organization of the Innovation Brokers and Mediators

Iran National Technomart, as an upstream entity, is in charge of policymaking, macroplanning, supervision, support and facilitation of the tasks in connection with the exchange of technology, and in so doing, it outsources the execution of the main programs to the specialized brokers of the private sector. In this regard, more than 70 brokers and innovation mediators cooperate with this center as a network of brokers.

  1. Commercial-Technological Operations
  2. Providing Assistance for the Technological Products Marketing

In this program, the technological products are divided into three major categories of B2C, B2B and B2G based on the type of customers, and for each single category, a specific marketing development plan is prepared.

The followings are the major plans of Iran National Technomart in this section including sales via Internet Sales Portals and TV Shop for the B2C products, sales via technology exchange brokers and technology leasing companies for the B2b products and sales via technology exchange conferences and in interaction with the companies and public authorities for the B2G products.

  1. Transfer of Technology (Outside in/ Inside out)

Facilitating the transfer of technology from abroad, holding technology tours, holding conferences on technology transfer, startup events, holding INOTEX Exhibition, measuring and resolving the technological requirements of the industrial companies etc. are the plans of Iran National Technomart in the technology transfer section.


  1. Attracting Investors for the Technological Plans and Inventions

Among other major programs of Iran National Technomart one can refer to attracting investment for technologies, innovations and the investment plans.

Holding specialized events, innovation supply festivals, investment plans databases, helping in the attraction of capital for the knowledge-based companies and communicating and interacting with the public and private organizations alongside facilitating this very process are the plans to be taken care of in this headline.


The goals of Kerman Techmart

  • Providing information about technologies (supply, demand and technology services), high-tech products and also representing services and facilities in this field to the companies
  • Making the role of domestic technologies more prominent and, increasing their utilization in transactions
  • Providing consultation services in the form of representing services and facilities to companies and applicants, in order to accelerate the process of commercializing and transferring technology
  • Strengthening the capabilities of companies for development, transferring and utilizing modern technologies
  • Creating network of domestic and foreign colleagues of the Techmart





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