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Introduction of Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex:

Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex (SJSCO) has been established in 2009 and  has started its activities in the field of steel industry since  2010 in Sirjan Gol-E-Gohar Mining & Industrial Area, to produce different kinds of steel products such as Sponge Iron, Steel Sections like billet and bloom and Rebar in order to complete the production cycle of this industry. The main shareholders are Gol-E-Gohar Mining & Industrial Company and National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO).


Production of 7 million tons per year of Steel Products such as Sponge Iron(DRI), Billet/Bloom and long products such as Rebar, Sections and Seamless Pipes.

3 plant of Direct Reduction Iron with a production capacity of 3.7 million tons of sponge iron

2 plant of Steel Making with a production capacity of 2.5 million tons of steel Bilet

2 plant of Alloy steel and Rebar with a production capacity of 0.8 million tons of steel Rebar and Alloy steel


  1. Gol-e Gohar Mining & Industrial Company, the owner of 51% of SJSCO which owns 45% of Iron ore of Iran
  2. Institute of Iranian Copper Industries Pension Fund, the owner of 49% of SJSCO which is owned by National Iranian Copper Industries Company.


Geographical Location:

Sirjan Jahan Steel Complex is located in 55 KM far from southwest of Sirjan City in Kerman Province in Iran.


Comparative Advantages:

  1. Supplying of Iron Ore Pellets directly from Gol-E-Gohar Pelletizing Plant by conveyor belt. thus, this cause reducing of transportation cast which is result is Cost Price.
  2. SJSCO is located near to the Persian Gulf and the high Seas, also it has access to National Railway to export its products.
  3. Existing national infrastructures such as Airport, Special Economical-Commercial Zone and Customs.
  4. Availability of specialists and skilled workers in Kerman region.
  5. Continuity of Supplying feeds material by G-E-G which has owned %45 of Iron Ore of Iran.

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